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Clothing to be worked in and worn out.

     Work Pants


     Free Repairs

We want our customers to create lasting relationships with the clothing they wear. Mending a pair of pants can not only improve the integrity but creates a story to be told. We offer repairs for all of our products, free of charge. Our repairs are completed in house. We can accommodate many custom requests so don't be afraid to ask when you are filling out the garment repair form. We want your clothing to tell your story. 




Dorset wouldn't be much of what it is today without a passion for what we represent. We want to share our passion with you. We will show you the world through the eyes of makers, creatives, and newbies. We'll take you step by step through hands on projects ranging from creating windowsill gardens, fixing a tear in your pants, and sharpening your knives to breaking down a chicken or a whole lamb! We'll introduce you to businessmen who've traded their suit for a pair of boots and some farmland.



Maté Artisan:


Sasha Gats